(PHP 4 >= 4.0.6)

fbsql_field_name --  Get the name of the specified field in a result


string fbsql_field_name ( resource result, int field_index)

fbsql_field_name() returns the name of the specified field index. result must be a valid result identifier and field_index is the numerical offset of the field.

Замечание: field_index starts at 0.

e.g. The index of the third field would actually be 2, the index of the fourth field would be 3 and so on.

Пример 1. fbsql_field_name() example

// The users table consists of three fields: 
//   user_id
//   username
//   password.

$res = fbsql_db_query("users", "select * from users", $link);

echo fbsql_field_name($res, 0) . "\n";
echo fbsql_field_name($res, 2);

The above example would produce the following output: