LXII. mSQL functions


These functions allow you to access mSQL database servers. More information about mSQL can be found at http://www.hughes.com.au/.



In order to have these functions available, you must compile PHP with msql support by using the --with-msql[=DIR] option. DIR is the mSQL base install directory, defaults to /usr/local/Hughes.

Note to Win32 Users: In order to enable this module on a Windows environment, you must copy msql.dll from the DLL folder of the PHP/Win32 binary package to the SYSTEM32 folder of your windows machine. (Ex: C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32 or C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32)

Настройка во время выполнения

Поведение этих функций находится в зависимости от установок в php.ini.

Таблица 1. mSQL configuration options

For further details and definition of the PHP_INI_* constants see ini_set().

Here is a short explanation of the configuration directives.

msql.allow_persistent boolean

Whether to allow persistent mSQL connections.

msql.max_persistent integer

The maximum number of persistent mSQL connections per process.

msql.max_links integer

The maximum number of mSQL connections per process, including persistent connections.

Типы ресурсов

Предопределенные константы

Перечисленные ниже константы определены данным расширением и могут быть доступны только в том случае, если PHP был собран с поддержкой этого расширения или же в том случае, если данное расширение подгружается во время выполнения.

MSQL_ASSOC (integer)

MSQL_NUM (integer)

MSQL_BOTH (integer)

msql_affected_rows -- Returns number of affected rows
msql_close -- Close mSQL connection
msql_connect -- Open mSQL connection
msql_create_db -- Create mSQL database
msql_createdb -- Create mSQL database
msql_data_seek -- Move internal row pointer
msql_dbname -- Get current mSQL database name
msql_drop_db -- Drop (delete) mSQL database
msql_dropdb -- Drop (delete) mSQL database
msql_error -- Returns error message of last msql call
msql_fetch_array -- Fetch row as array
msql_fetch_field -- Get field information
msql_fetch_object -- Fetch row as object
msql_fetch_row -- Get row as enumerated array
msql_field_seek -- Set field offset
msql_fieldflags -- Get field flags
msql_fieldlen -- Get field length
msql_fieldname -- Get field name
msql_fieldtable -- Get table name for field
msql_fieldtype -- Get field type
msql_free_result -- Free result memory
msql_freeresult -- Free result memory
msql_list_dbs -- List mSQL databases on server
msql_list_fields -- List result fields
msql_list_tables -- List tables in an mSQL database
msql_listdbs -- List mSQL databases on server
msql_listfields -- List result fields
msql_listtables -- List tables in an mSQL database
msql_num_fields -- Get number of fields in result
msql_num_rows -- Get number of rows in result
msql_numfields -- Get number of fields in result
msql_numrows -- Get number of rows in result
msql_pconnect -- Open persistent mSQL connection
msql_query -- Send mSQL query
msql_regcase --  Make regular expression for case insensitive match
msql_result -- Get result data
msql_select_db -- Select mSQL database
msql_selectdb -- Select mSQL database
msql_tablename -- Get table name of field
msql -- Send mSQL query