(PHP 4 >= 4.0.6)

fbsql_field_type --  Get the type of the specified field in a result


string fbsql_field_type ( resource result, int field_offset)

fbsql_field_type() is similar to the fbsql_field_name() function. The arguments are identical, but the field type is returned instead. The field type will be one of "int", "real", "string", "blob", and others as detailed in the FrontBase documentation.

Пример 1. fbsql_field_type() example


fbsql_connect ("localhost", "_SYSTEM", "");
fbsql_select_db ("wisconsin");
$result = fbsql_query ("SELECT * FROM onek;");
$fields = fbsql_num_fields ($result);
$rows   = fbsql_num_rows ($result);
$i = 0;
$table = fbsql_field_table ($result, $i);
echo "Your '".$table."' table has ".$fields." fields and ".$rows." records <BR>";
echo "The table has the following fields <BR>"; 
while ($i < $fields) {
    $type  = fbsql_field_type  ($result, $i);
    $name  = fbsql_field_name  ($result, $i);
    $len   = fbsql_field_len   ($result, $i);
    $flags = fbsql_field_flags ($result, $i);
    echo $type." ".$name." ".$len." ".$flags."<BR>";